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Aristocrat ‘aggressively’ moving gambling behind closed doors.

COVID ‘leveraged’ to promote home gaming Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ASX:ALL) is successfully transitioning gamblers to online and digital apps and games and away from ‘physical’ gaming venues such as community based pubs and clubs. This is removing problem gambling from public sight, away from the oversight of regulators, containing the issue to homes. Monitoring, welfare checks and harm minimisation efforts

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Small business, retailers, hospitality and service businesses routinely complain of high bank merchant fees and charges. Terminal rental, contactless readers, Mastercard and Visa scheme fees, other bank fees all combine to make accepting card and contactless payments an expensive proposition for small business. This sign below has been popular with retailers and businesses. please download the sign and display near

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say no to the cashless society

They said digital payments would defeat criminals, terrorists and money launderers but the opposite has turned out to be true. Money laundering through banks, hackers blackmailing legitimate listed companies for cryptocurrency payoffs and regular outages by my bank’s Eftpos system show cash may be our last bulwark against the crims and the thieves. Card companies and banks implied that cash

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