How to get your tweets on TV @QandA

I’m a big fan of ABCTV’s QandA program on Monday evenings. I like to tweet at #QandA. I’ll keep updating this page. I keep finding more old images and tweeting more new ones.

qanda mccomack

Why did @QandA spend most of an episode talking about the rights of 25,000 travelers (who all have or want exemptions) the day Victoria’s roadmap out of COVID-19 was blasted by ScoMo, Greg Hunt and plenty of others? Monday 7 September 2020.


Kerry “Big Red” O’Brien was saying:

“I was born 6 days after the war so technically I’m just pre-boomer but I’ll happily take my place in that generation…”

Panel of Wisdom 1 September 2020.

My favourite tweets are interpreting Christopher Pyne. This one I think from May 2016:

pyne 1

Don’t mind this one either. I’m not sure it balanced though:


Of course I am very concerned about the animals involved in Live Exports, but the people get forgotten. I remember when there was a meatworks in most country towns.

live exports qanda

One of my first tweets on screen was about twitter and social media. It’s not a competition dad. Ha yes it is and I’m the winner.

The panel was sprouting cliches about the evils of social media, as if they wished the government would just turn it all off, for the good of society.

How is that even possible and do they even realise what they are saying?

qanda arab spring

This is obvious, so shouldn’t need to be tweeted and published on QandA:


Josh was carrying on about electric vehicles and so were a few other people around here.


And yes. I am definitely ready for this (below). My son and I have a tiny carbon footprint. Could be smaller, but we are ready to have a go.


Haha. The idea of losing super tax concessions, franking credits, or negative gearing. Too much to think about.

My policy solution is that all welfare and government handouts to everyone, from the poorest pensioner to the richest corporation are now only available by lining up, in person, at Centrelink.


Bill Leak insulted Aboriginal parents with a pretty insensitive cartoon in The Australian.

bill leak qanda

Then Bill Leak got insulted himself by the outrage he caused. Everyone is now equally insulted.

I don’t care what anyone says, Medicare was a legit issue at 2016 election.  This was after the 2016 election:


And I’m pretty sure there is isn’t a whole lot of listening going on in some parts of the system:

no listening

Nov 2019: This episode of @QandA was taken down by ABC. This writer, Mona Eltahawy advocated violence to men and said fuck a lot. Here is MediaWatch breaking it down.


Here is a better shot:


Here’s an old one from the Marriage Equality debate.

IMG_7405 (2)

I voted YES!

And this is all about Trump trump trumpity trump


On the other hand, you can’t be too precious. There’s a lot of famous people complaining about their opinions being criticised:


Surprised they put this one on screen. But the crowd were strongly public school that night, so maybe they swayed the ref.


China, china, china.


Now in 2020, the immigration debate appears to be over and COVID-19 might have ended it. Back then, new people, new houses and new construction drove the economy.


Here is a meme I made about Duncan, the guy who asked the tax question on #Qanda:


I helped promote a goFund me campaign for Duncan then people tried to take the money off him – coz turns out he is a normal person.

This is the question he asked, that made him a celebrity and a Liberal villain for a couple of weeks.

And this is always true of course:


And this used to be the case, but seems to be not so much anymore.


There’s more to come when I find the pics ..