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Cash is still Australia’s Favourite way to pay

Actual real wallets are still more popular than mobile wallets Today Commonwealth Bank has issued media information suggesting that mobile wallets will  soon overtake contactless cards as a favoured way to pay for goods and services.  Commonwealth Bank says the dollar value of their total digital wallet transactions rose from $1.0 billion per month to $2.1 billion between March 2020

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Commbank’s Netbank down AGAIN

Multiple bank ‘outages’ leave consumers stranded. Regular outages from big bank systems are leaving consumers and retailers stranded. Commonwealth Bank’s Netbank is reported to be OUT today (1 March 2021) leaving MILLIONS of Aussies without online access to account statements, online bill payments, online transfers and balances. ANZ Bank Mobile and Internet Banking systems were the subject of up to

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Review of The Social Dilemma on netflix

Netflix’s The Social Dilemma exposes the human impact of social media engineering – for profit. Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma,” is a top ten trending documentary-drama exploring the dangerous human impact of social engineering based on data. This is social media’s greatest tech experts sounding the alarm on their own monster creations. Released last week, The Social Dilemma focusses on the

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say no to the cashless society

They said digital payments would defeat criminals, terrorists and money launderers but the opposite has turned out to be true. Money laundering through banks, hackers blackmailing legitimate listed companies for cryptocurrency payoffs and regular outages by my bank’s Eftpos system show cash may be our last bulwark against the crims and the thieves. Card companies and banks implied that cash

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The Reserve Bank of Australia’s latest Quarterly Bulletin has rejected the idea of issuing a digital currency for Australia. Long held up as the future of the ‘physical’ currency, a digital currency is a verified token or account that could replace actual notes and coins without a bank or a card company involved. It’s real money online, issued by the RBA, worth

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