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8 Centrelink mistakes that will cost you BIG money

From You’re not a welfare cheat are you? Those people should all be jail right? They’re ripping off the taxpayer so they can lounge around all day. Well hang on, most “welfare cheats” are parents. Maybe you are a welfare cheat but you just haven’t checked your inbox. Perhaps the debt letter with the Australian Federal Police letterhead is

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Revealed: The truth behind Centrelink’s “robo-debt” campaign

What are the real facts about the Centrelink debt campaign? Centrelink staff are leaking information about the DHS Centrelink “robo-debt” campagn like a sieve. And they are telling a very different story to government ministers: The government says $300 million worth of overpayments are being clawed back through the robo-debt campaign. An anonymous Centrelink whistleblower (who has been reporting reliable

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How cruel can Centrelink get?

How cruel is Centrelink’s debt campaign? One shocking story reveals the terrible truth … “I almost committed suicide, but two calls to Lifeline saved me,” Kate told Unofficial: Centrelink News. Kate from Sydney is disabled with two chronic medical conditions. She works part-time and receives no Disability Support Pension because Centrelink say she is not disabled enough. Almost seven years

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How to fight a Centrelink debt

You have rights. You can appeal. So we have compiled this quick guide: 1) Appeal the matter to an Authorized Review Officer (ARO) at your nearest Centrelink office. Yes , that’s right, Social Security Rights Vic recommend going to a Centrelink office. 2) Make sure you get a printed receipt confirming your request for a review. An ARO will be

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