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2020 was the year swimmers stopped swimming. I never thought that would ever happen but we beat COVID’s second we and we are back in the water. This is our ‘2020 Year In Review’ music video, thanks to Anthony with music from Hunters & Collectors. Tjis is trly an amazing package of highlights from the year in swimming in Melbourne.

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Garmin paid a kidnapper’s ransom to get our data back

Have you been having trouble uploading your swim from your watch to Strava or other online platform recently? Garmin says all platforms and systems are back online, but what they didn’t say is that they (apparently) dodged US sanctions to pay ruthless criminals US$10 million in bitcoin to get our data back. It seems unbelievable that a large respectable company

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Your guide to cold open water swimming

Is swimming in cold water swimming safe and healthy? What temperature is ‘cold water swimming?’ Yes cold water swimming is awesome for your mood, brain function, and circulation. But cold water swimming done wrong can be risky and dangerous to your long term health. And there are four big dangers that you need to know about before venturing into the

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