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What single mums are saying about ScoMo’s $50 JobSeeker raise

From 1 April 2020, the Morrison government is raising the base rate of JobSeeker by $50 but axing the Coronavirus Supplement of $150. That means a NET result of $100 less in your pocket. What will JobSeeker pay from 1 April?  For single parents on JobSeeker, the current full JobSeeker base rate is currently $762. From 1 April, the parenting

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$250 bonus payment for Christmas to FTB parents but ParentsNext is back along with cuts to JobSeeker, JobKeeper and childcare subsidies. This is the single mum guide to budget 2020.

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Families, taxpayers, small business, young workers win from budget 2020 but JobSeekers miss out on the bonus Christmas payments and Victorians get no special deals. This wrap for Josh Frydenberg’s second budget is from Kidspot:

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Seven big changes to family & child care benefits & what they mean for your family

“It is not a choice for many of us to be on welfare, and if you realised the damage you are continually doing to that part of society you would stop doing it.” After four years of political manoeuvreing, an amazing, heartfelt impassioned speech by single mother and independent senator Jacqui Lambie signalled the passage, finally, of the government’s Omnibus

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How to save thousands fixing your child’s teeth

As soon your child’s adult teeth start appearing, parents can be faced with problems with their bite stemming from misaligned teeth. The technical term for this is ‘malocclusion’ and can lead to chewing difficulties, speech impediments, mouth breathing, snoring, self confidence issues, protruding front teeth, sports injuries and a higher chance of severe tooth decay and gingivitis. These parents will

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FTB supplements saved! But what now for childcare reforms?

“This morning, I’m damn good!” exclaimed Terese Edwards from the National Council of Single Mothers and their Children when we asked her the standard “How ya going” earlier today. Nick Xenophon had just been on ABC Radio to announce that his three senators will block the Turnbull government’s watered down Omnibus Bill completely. The bill would axe Family Tax Benefit

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