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RBA data doesn’t support Cashless Australia predictions

USA based FIS issued a report predicting Australia would be largely cashless by 2024. FIS specialise in merchant payment solutions and supporting and securing cashless transactions. The FIS findings are not supported by real world data or readily available market information, for example: Last month, the Reserve Bank of Australia reported that, while cash’s share of payments has fallen, cash

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Commbank’s Netbank down AGAIN

Multiple bank ‘outages’ leave consumers stranded. Regular outages from big bank systems are leaving consumers and retailers stranded. Commonwealth Bank’s Netbank is reported to be OUT today (1 March 2021) leaving MILLIONS of Aussies without online access to account statements, online bill payments, online transfers and balances. ANZ Bank Mobile and Internet Banking systems were the subject of up to

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What single mums are saying about ScoMo’s $50 JobSeeker raise

From 1 April 2020, the Morrison government is raising the base rate of JobSeeker by $50 but axing the Coronavirus Supplement of $150. That means a NET result of $100 less in your pocket. What will JobSeeker pay from 1 April?  For single parents on JobSeeker, the current full JobSeeker base rate is currently $762. From 1 April, the parenting

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The Death of Cash has been greatly exaggerated

The Morrison government’s ‘cash ban’ on transactions over $10,000 is dead. And so is the general view from much of the media commentariat that cash’s days are numbered. Below is an interview with Martin North from Digital Finance Analytics on the importance of cash. Protecting cash is not about protecting the black market. Criminals have moved online already and banks

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Carry cash or risk going hungry.

Eftpos, bank and credit union ‘outages’ are leaving people stranded. Consumers and retailers simply cannot rely on eftpos systems to work. Some people are loading up trolleys of food and essentials only to find their cards are not working or shop eftpos systems are ‘down.’ Recent Eftpos system outages have affected: At least 10,000 retailers using Tyro eftpos terminals, leaving

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