About Jason Bryce

I am a Melbourne, Australia based business, finance and consumer issues journalist. And just to break it up a bit, I also coach and write about swimming!

Currently I am the campaign manager for Cash Welcome, an industry backed initiative giving a voice to the millions of Australians who trust and rely on cash.

My work has been featured on InfoChoice.com.au, ABC TV, The Sunday Mail, Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Herald Sun, The Sunday Telegraph, SingleMum.com.au, Kidspot.com.au, Adventure Magazine and radio stations.

I have a rockin little Facebook page – Unofficial Centrelink News that the Turnbull govenrment has tried unsuccessfully to close down, and another bio at SingleMum.com.au

jason bryce

You can follow me on Twitter @JasonBryce where I am the ‘national champion’ of the #QandA hashtag!

I also wrote a book, with my student Lucas Nguyen called The Mystery of Greenworm Primary School.


Here is my LinkedIn page.

Here are my web pages:





Unofficial Centrelink News

Open Water Swim Coaching



I’m also involved in these pages:

Cash Welcome


Next Payments News

And yes I’m a member and I follow the code:



One comment

  • Im a single mum of 3 been on centrelink payment since 2013
    Centrelink pays me what they feel like from fortnight to fortnight
    Asked a few times to have my payments reviewed but denied
    Keep getting hit with the same debt each financially yet which never existed
    Even the manager said it was a glitch in the system after i paid it back was not reimbursed
    Last financial year my kids miss out on the exact supplements
    They over estimated last yrs income buy 800 asked for it to be fixed never heard back
    All because i put in a complaint about a abusive centrelink worker 4 yrs ago


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