Commbank’s Netbank down AGAIN

Multiple bank ‘outages’ leave consumers stranded.

Regular outages from big bank systems are leaving consumers and retailers stranded.

  • Commonwealth Bank’s Netbank is reported to be OUT today (1 March 2021) leaving MILLIONS of Aussies without online access to account statements, online bill payments, online transfers and balances.
  • ANZ Bank Mobile and Internet Banking systems were the subject of up to 27 reports of problems last night (28 February 2021) and up to 10 users reported issues today around lunchtime.

Other recent cashless payment system outages have affected:

  • ANZ Bank systems, including merchant EFTPOS terminals and ANZ Share Investing platforms went down on 18th February 2021, according to multiple consumer and media reports and

“Consumers and retailers simply cannot rely on bank and cashless payment systems to work when required,” said Jason Bryce, consumer affairs journalist and spokesperson for the Cash Welcome campaign.

“Every Australian should be carrying AT LEAST $100 of cash, just in case their bank or financial institution, or the system used by their favourite supermarket or shop, crashes and fails,”

“You can so easily be left without food just because suddenly a computer system somewhere has failed.

“Cash is the most reliable way to pay. I always use cash and never rely on a card and I never use my phone to pay.”

“More than 10,000 Aussies have signed my petition calling for government to legislate to ensure our right to access and use cash.

“New Zealand, Japan, the USA, Europe have all oved to protect their citizen’s right to access and use cash. It’s time for Australia to protect cash,” said Mr Bryce.

“Without cash in our pockets or without supermarkets and retailers that accept cash, consumers can be left without food and essentials.”

For more comments or information: Jason Bryce, Journalist – 0428 777 727

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