Mid Week Reset – Sunrise Swimming is a real thing and it’s getting huge

Everyone needs a way to get through the five day working week with mental and physical health intact. I’ve been a little inspired by a ABC TV News story about a group of “oddballs” in Perth who have found a way to do it. I wouldn’t call them serious swimmers but they have worked out the value of jumping in the cool ocean water on Wednesday at sunrise.

So I decided to have a go myself. Get up early on Wednesday morning, get down to the beach and into the water before the sun rises. My plan was to swim directly towards it then back for about 1km before heading to the office and hitting the computer again for another three working days.

I have had some serious physical injuries over summer 2020/21. Left elbow and wrist, right wrist and hand, right eye and cheek bone, left and right ankle, left knee. So this was a return to swimming and physical exercise for me after many, many months. And, of course, COVID lockdowns in Melbourne stopped us all from swimming, going to the gym and getting out and about for most of 2020.

I half expected to be on my own this morning but there was no shortage of swimmers in the sea, even before the sun appeared.

And yeah, WOW, this is a good one. Not a long one, but well worth the effort.

I swam about 1.7km, most the other people who turned up to join me completed about 1km, while some jumped in for a quick (meaning slow) 200m dash.

Whateva, the metres aren’t the point. The water woke me and reset my brain, body, soul and spirit!

Wednesday sunrise swimming is a blast and who knew? Well, apparently plenty of “oddballs” because there was no shortage of people in the water even before the sun was up.

And swimming into the sunrise – pretty special. 🙂

Thanks everyone who turned up to swim with me on my return to physical exercise and the water.

And thanks to Sheryl Crowe and The Beatles.

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