An Australia Day / Invasion Day Fun Event – featuring Actual Respect Oi Oi Oi !

How many Australia Day gatherings and events have you attended that whitewash the history and significance of the day in favour of a beer and a laugh? How many things have I attended where we wave the Aussie flag and avoid talking about the significance of the day itself? Sure we laugh and joke and lots of people get drunk, hahaha, but why are doing it?

Sure we can have fun on our holiday but, you know, is it possible for Aussies to celebrate Australia Day, have fun and do it without being total tools?

Over the years I’ve been to heaps of Australia Day events. I’ve also been to Yabun and Survival Day and my fair share of protests. These days I’m interested in having fun, enjoying myself, spending time with friends and family, staying healthy and fit. I’m not that interested in protesting and this year, thanks to COVID-19, it’s not permitted anyway.

In the past I’ve been asked to organise plenty of Australia Day events for employers, clubs, associations and groups. We have waved the (union jack) flag and celebrated what? Well let’s face it, we have celebrated the arrival of the First Fleet, who brought with them muskets, poisons and smallpox specifically packed to eradicate the pesky original owners of the land. Such fun. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!

This year I found a balance. A respectful way to do what I enjoy – swimming and breakfast at the beach with friends on my day off from work.

We paid respect to the traditional owners and recognised the elders of country. We held a traditional smoking ceremony and then we jumped in the ocean! This was a great day out for everyone involved.

And so it turns out that yes, you can have a good time with your mates on Australia Day and also be respectful to the history of the day and the original people of the country as well.

Who knew? haha. Oi Oi Oi.

Happy Invasion Day 2021 to everyone.

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