Supermarkets must accept cash

Supermarkets selling essential food and household goods are not accepting Australian banknotes issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia as payment for goods and services. Some Woolies Metro supermarket outlets in Sydney and Melbourne have attracted a flood of criticism on social media for refusing to accept cash as payment for food and essential items.

“It is time for the government to step in and mandate cash as a form of payment for all legal transactions under $10,000,” said Jason Bryce who has started a petition on with the support of the ATM Industry Association.

“Australian polymer banknotes are the world’s best cash technology,” said Jason.

“Australian cash is clean, safe, private and reliable. What happens when there is an ‘outage’ and they seem to be fairly regular.

“What happens to the elderly all the other people who don’t want to use a credit or debit card or their phone to pay for their food?”

Sandra Smith from the ATM Industry Association said the industry supported the call for government to act to protect Australians’ right to use cash.

“With the recent introduction of a bill in parliament to ban cash transactions over $10,000, it is essential to secure the role of cash as a payment option for transactions below this amount,” said Sandra.

“The ATM Industry Association proposes a mandate for cash as a payment option for in-person transactions below $10,000.”

For more comments or information: Jason Bryce, Journalist – 0428 777 727

Sandra Smith ATM Industry Association 0424 300 660

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