We need ATMs for access to cash

More than seven thousand ATMs have been removed from communities throughout Australia in the last three years. The big banks are reducing their ATM network and branch network footprints and our access to cash along with it.
More than two thousand ATMs have disappeared in the last three months according to the Australian Payments Network.
175 bank branches have also gone in the last 12 months, leaving many pensioners stranded and access to cash limited.
The pace of ATM removals has increased in 2020.



“Six million Australians rely on cash, according to a recent RBA report,” said Tim Wildash, CEO of Next Payments, Australia and New Zealand’s biggest independent ATM network.
“Those people are elderly, they are pensioners, low income earners, people who don’t shop online or they just want the easy budgeting of cash.
“There are plenty of people, on low incomes, from culturally diverse backgrounds, who like cash for whatever reason.

Read more at Cash Welcome

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