50 times cops warned us about payWave, Tap N Go card fraud – FULL LIST

Police have warned and posted about Visa payWave and Mastercard Tap and Go cards for years.

You just wave your card at the shop terminal and buy something – up to $100. What could go wrong?

Criminals have had a field day but that was in decline thanks to better shop security and a general decline in crime.

Has the $200 Tap and Go limit led to more crime?

Since the $100 limit for no-PIN and no-signature required PayWave and Tap and Go payments was doubled to $200 on 3 April, guess what?

It looks like there has been a payWave crimeWave.ca

There is no way of knowing what the official statistics on this type of card fraud is – until next year. Because the industry self-regulation agency AusPayNet, won’t release the data yet.

But clearly things are out of control.

“The $200 limit has led to people’s cars being broken into, handbags stolen and criminals running rampant in our streets, suburbs and shops,” said Tim Wildash, CEO of Next Payments, a leading advocate for the sue of cash in Australia.

“The $200 limit has turned Tap & Go cards into Tap & Steal goldmines for criminals. Five transactions can be $1,000 gone in a matter of minutes,” said Tim Wildash.

The $200 limit was introduced after pressure from Visa and Mastercard, as a temporary measure for three months. That was three and a half months ago.

Below is a list of more than fifty times the cops have warned and posted wanted pictures about keeping your car secure and your cards secure.

But sometimes the thugs just steal them straight off you, from your handbag, or just demand your card.

Here are some of the stories:

“A woman found a credit card in Werribee and police say she used it to make several purchases at businesses in Tarneit and Werribee. CrimeStoppers posted this picture on their unsolved cases page:


On Sunday 31 May 2020 four handbags containing mobile phones and bank cards were taken from a home in Langford, South Australia. the cards were used on a shopping spree around Langford.

Police are looking for a man and woman.


How about this for cheeky: Monday 18 May 2020 a woman entered a pathology clinic on Corfield St in Gosnells South Australia and just picked up a handbag, sat in the reception area and rummaged through it.

Of course she has allegedly taken bank cards and left. She has been charged by police. But police think this man could help them because the stolen cards were used to buy grog:



And in South Melbourne, police are looking for these two guys:


Apparently they might be able to help solve a case of theft of a handbag and other stuff from a motor vehicle and follow-up shopping spree in South Melbourne on the 6th of June, 2020.

Over in the west, at lunch on Wednesday 1 July 2020 someone broke into a car (smashed a window) on Parker Street in South Perth and took, you guessed it, credit cards and other stuff.



Police want to ask this woman what she knows about it. She’s described as 30-40, tanned, dark long hair with bare feet.

In fact most of these crimes are pathetic crimes of poverty. Meanwhile there’s plenty of money being made from cashless payments. But not by the poor.

DATE STATE Headline and LINK
1 20/07/2020 SA Nuriootpa police issue Tap & Go warning
2 17/07/2020 QLD Man used family friends
3 14/07/2020 VIC Woman found credit card
4 11/07/2019 NT Crime Spree warning
5 7/07/2020 VIC Car broken into
6 6/07/2020 SA Man steals cards, car
7 3/07/2020
NSW Fraud Casula
8 3/07/2020 SA Card keys bike stolen while sleeping
9 1/07/2020 WA Burglary and cards used
10 1/07/2020 WA Alleged fraud South Perth
11 29/06/2020
VIC Bank cards stolen from cars
12 28/06/2020 WA Car window smashed cards used
13 26/06/2020 VIC Stolen card funds Bunnings trip
14 25/06/2020 VIC Do you recognise this female?
15 24/06/2020 WA House robbed, cards used
16 24/06/2020 VIC Stolen tap card used for alcohol
17 22/06/2020
VIC Wallet missing, cards used
`18 18/06/2020 WA Bedroom robbed, card used
19 16/06/2020 VIC Couple use card for petrol food
20 15/06/2020 VIC Bike and cards gone
21 15/06/2020 QLD Cards taken from cars
22 14/06/2020 VIC Shepparton Police warn of spike in card theft
23 14/06/2020
VIC ID wanted after man uses card
24 8/06/2020 QLD Assault taking cards and wallet
25 6/06/2020 VIC Theft from vehicle and card used
26 29/05/2020 NSW Thieves target the elderly
27 31/05/2020 WA Cards taken from home
28 26/05/2020 QLD Police warn: R U in control of online payments
29 23/05/2020 WA Dropped her credit card ..
30 22/05/2020 WA Cards stolen from car
31 20/05/2020 WA Handbag taken from kitchen
32 18/05/2020 WA Handbag rummaged through for cards and liquor
33 18/05/2020 VIC Thieves use card
34 13/05/2020 WA Card in phone used several times
35 11/05/2020 TAS Stolen card made online purchases
36 9/05/2020 WA Cards allegedly taken under threat
37 6/05/2020 WA Credit card stolen from letterbox
38 5/05/2020 WA Man lost wallet on train, card used at shops
39 1/05/2020 TAS Home invaders take cards
40 27/04/2020 SA Police warn about $200 limit
41 25/04/2020 WA Handbag taken from car
42 24/04/2020 VIC Rise in theft during ISO
43 21/04/2020 VIC Thief uses credit card
44 16/04/2020 NZ Canterbury Police warn about $200 limit
45 15/04/2020 QLD Scooter accident then card fraud
46 9/04/2020 SA Police warn about card security and $200 limit
47 9/04/2020 NZ NZ Payments chief says keep your card safe
48 3/04/2020 WA Cards, Handbag, Laptop stolen from home in Kenwick
49 27/03/2020 VIC Card stolen from car used in shop
50 23/03/2020 WA House broken into, cards stolen
51 21/03/2020 WA Cards stolen from car in Cannington
52 14/03/2020 QLD Theft from homes and vehicles
53 10/03/2020 VIC Shopping spree on stolen card
54 1/03/2020 WA $650 spent on card from glovebox
55 27/02/2020 NSW Couple face court over $800K fraud
56 14/02/2020 VIC:
Woman alleged to use stolen debit card
Posted 20 July
57 2/01/2020 VIC: Purchases made with fraudulent credit cards
58 11/11/2019 VIC: Man alleged to use credit card in Preston


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