Revealed: The truth behind Centrelink’s “robo-debt” campaign

debt-crisisWhat are the real facts about the Centrelink debt campaign?

Centrelink staff are leaking information about the DHS Centrelink “robo-debt” campagn like a sieve. And they are telling a very different story to government ministers:

The government says $300 million worth of overpayments are being clawed back through the robo-debt campaign.

An anonymous Centrelink whistleblower (who has been reporting reliable information for weeks) is now saying on reddit that EXACTLY $7,317,912.00 has been recovered as of last Friday.

The cost of the program likely exceeds this amount because every review costs in the ballpark of $250 per day of staff time.
The government says that 80 per cent of debt notices correctly identify a debt that needs to repaid. That’s an error rate of 20 per cent.

Centrelink whistleblower says 78 per cent of debt notices are recalculated. That means just 22 per cent of Centrelink debt letters are correct.

87 Centrelink managers objected to the government’s debt campaign plan but were overruled according tot he whistleblower. Centrelink senior management is said to be meeting this Friday to discuss how to respond to likely legal action by affected customers.

Debt collectors are receiving a 10 per cent fee plus the whistleblower reports they also get a 15 per cent commission.


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