Monthly Archives: January 2017

Make Investing Great Again – with term deposits

Are you worried about what the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America might mean for you personally? Are you concerned about economic commentators predicting that property market values could fall significantly? Some commentators are predicting increased global uncertainty and volatility on share markets as countries posture and threaten each other over trade and security

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How to fight a Centrelink debt

You have rights. You can appeal. So we have compiled this quick guide: 1) Appeal the matter to an Authorized Review Officer (ARO) at your nearest Centrelink office. Yes , that’s right, Social Security Rights Vic recommend going to a Centrelink office. 2) Make sure you get a printed receipt confirming your request for a review. An ARO will be

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Revealed: The secret plan to destroy Woolies and Coles’ fresh food businesses

Your fresh fruit and veggies are getting more expensive. You aren’t imagining it – your shopping is getting more expensive. This chart published by the AFR shows that the two big chains have raised fresh food prices significantly over the inflation rate in the last four years. But one big new supermarket brand has a secret plan to “destroy the

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